Matorka is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood. Our company utilizes the latest technologies, designed and developed in house, and all our operations are powered by clean, sustainable geothermal energy.  

The company is focused on land based farming of salmonid for world markets, which are high in Omega3 oils, and are in demand world wide.  There are currently well over 2 million tons of farmed salmon/trout produced in the world, but unfortunately most of it comes from cage farming.  Cage farming generally relies on chemicals and drugs to keep the fish from illness, death and parasites, whereas the routinely used farming sites have a hard time dealing with the biomass and related pollutants/pathongens in the sea.

Matorka´s operations on the other hand are environmentally friendly, from feed to end product. The fish is fed a uniquely sustainable diet, no antibiotics, chemicals or growth hormones are used during the farming process, and the fish has not been genetically modified (GMO) in any way. Our aim is simple - to produce the healthiest fish possible.  The company is carbon neutral and aims to lead the aquaculture industry in sustainable practices. 

Matorka Holdings AG is domiciled in Switzerland, but its production facilities are located in Iceland.


Corporate social responsibility

Matorka is committed to preserving the environment and helping the community prosper. Matorka donates to local charities and youth programs while cooperating with various research and development projects for sustainable food production and food security.

The Matorka Team

The Matorka team is highly collaborative, technically advanced, and committed to sustainable and environmental solutions.  The company offers an international environment where our people work collectively towards producing a superior product according to exacting standards. Using leading edge technologies and innovations to advance our quality and performance, Matorka draws on talent globally, and ensures that best practices are used throughout every process.

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About Matorka

Matorka is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood.  By utilizing latest technologies, designed and developed in house, our fish is not only being fed a uniquely sustainable diet, but our whole operation is run on clean geothermal energy.

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