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Matorka's Grindavik site

Matorka is building a new land based, 3000 ton multi specie aquaculture station in Grindavik.  Grindavik is strategically located close to the Keflavik International Airport, and is only a 35 minute drive from the capital city of Reykjavik.

Utilizing the latest of designs, integrating top of the line aquaculture systems and innovative technologies, the new site creates a sustainable healthy ecosystem for commercial production purposes.

The new station uses an innovative circular model, which is based on a new and revolutionary method of recirculating water and organic materials between fish species of various water temperatures and integrates Omega3 producing algae propagation units.  This in unison with our waste and effluent water reuse creates an environmentally friendly and sustainable process, which is a first of its kind in world aquaculture.

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The new site will produce Artic Charr and Atlantic Salmon.   These specie demand different temperatures for optimal growth.  Charr will be farmed in 9-10˚ Celsius water but Atlantic salmon at 13-14.   In order to facilitate this, Matorka utilizes excess geothermal water from the nearby geothermal power stations.  The use of recycled water, and energy efficient temperature manipulation is an area where Matorka leads the industry.

The site will be geared to handle other species as well, which will be reared by utilizing the state of the art technologies and renewable geothermal energy. 



About Matorka

Matorka is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood.  By utilizing latest technologies, designed and developed in house, our fish is not only being fed a uniquely sustainable diet, but our whole operation is run on clean geothermal energy.

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