The Arctic Charr is a red-fleshed delicacy, which is well established in gourmet kitchens throughout the world. It has a mild, almost sweet taste, which never fails to impress even the most demanding seafood lover.  A top notch seafood item in premium seafood restaurants and retailers.  It is a member of the salmon family with a very high Omega3 content.

Arctic Charr is a specie which is native to the Arctic and other colder regions of the northern hemisphere. Farming this species is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

According to Seafood Watch: “Arctic charr use only a moderate amount of marine resources for feed. In addition, Arctic charr are farmed in land-based, closed systems that minimize the risk of escape into the wild”

Land based aquaculture is the sustainable approach to farming seafood.  By farming the fish in tanks on land, the farmer is able to engineer the water quality as per the fish´s needs.  Temperature and salinity can be kept optimal all year long and diseases and harmful pathogens can be kept outside.

Due to these optimal conditions created in Matorka´s production facilities, chemical and drug treatments are not needed as in sea-cage farming.  By eliminating these chemicals and drugs from the fish´s environment and diet, the end product becomes a natural and healthy seafood item.

About Matorka

Matorka is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood.  By utilizing latest technologies, designed and developed in house, our fish is not only being fed a uniquely sustainable diet, but our whole operation is run on clean geothermal energy.

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